Product Design - Review Notes

Designing a product or service is what brings into existence a business entity.

New product design and development activity is a combined effort of three major functions: Marketing, New product development (Design and Development)and Manufacturing. Marketing provides customer viewpoint, product development links the customer requirements and technical scope into product, manufacturing provides the production view to be captured into product design and process plan.

Chase, Jacobs, Acquilano identified Concept development, Product planning, Product/Process Engineering and Pilot production/Ramp-up as significant stages in introducing a new product into market.

In the concept development, the product architecture is specified taking into consideration the new customer needs as identified by the marketing function. The product architecture is subjected to market evaluation and project evaluation. If the it passes this gate, approval is given for making a development sample of the product withouth detailed engineering. This product is subjected to technical testing and marketing testing and once again project evaluation is done. If it clear this second gate of customer acceptance of the development sample, detailed engineering is approved. Based on the detailed engineering, prototypes are made. Another round of technical and market evaluations are conducted. Clearing of this gate would result in approval for pilot plant. The pilot plan would produce the actual production output and a test marketing is now done for a final demand assessment. This final demand assessment is the basis for capacity decisions of the comercial plant

Concurrent Engineering

Concurrent engineering approach made possible by computer aided design and the option for making the designs-in-process visible to other departments made possible for more concurrent activities in the design process. Whereas earlier, these processes were serial, in the sense, manufacturing can't gives its view until a design was finalized and sent to it for comments by the design department. But now, the designs are visible to the manufacturing on real time basis and their comments can be given and activities their end can commence without delay involved due to lack of information and formal handover procedures.

Industrial Design

Designing products for each of customer use and aesthetics developed as a separate subject termed Industrial design.

Quality Function Deployment

It is a process involving marketing, design engineering and manufacturing to interact with the customers and get their voice into the new product or redesign of the existing product.

Product Design Efficiency Engineering

Effectiveness and efficiency are the twin dimensions that are there in every business decision. Once effectiveness decisions, that is what is required by the customer in terms of functional benefits and aesthetic benefits are finalized, the efficiency decisions are to be taken. The product designs have to be subjected to efficieny analysis and engineering. Value engineering is current the popular technique for efficiency engineering. There are ideas from method study and cost reduction techniques for product design efficieny evaluation. But most of them are incorpotated into value engineering also. Value engineering is a cost reduction method where the cost reduction benchmark is obtained by finding the lowest cost at which a similar function is being performed.

Designing Products for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

Product design has to ensure that manufacturing and assembly feasibility and cost are appropriately considered in the design process.

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  1. The architecture personal statement is current the popular technique for efficiency engineering. There are ideas from method study and cost reduction techniques for product design efficieny evaluation.

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