Summary - Principles - Staffing

Related to the Purpose of Staffing

Principle of staffing objectives

The positions provided by the organization structure must be staffed with personnel able and willing to carry out the assigned functions.

Principle of staffing

The quality of management personnel can be ensured through proper definition of the job and its appraisal in terms of human requirements, evaluation of candidates and incumbents, and appropriate training.

The process of staffing

Principle of job definition

Specifications for the job rest on organization requirements andon provision for incentives to induce effective and efficient performance of the tasks involved.

Principle of managerial appraisal

Performance must be appraised against the management action required by superiors and against the standard of adherence in practice to managerial principles.

Principle of open competition in promotion

Managers should be selected from among the best available candidates for the job, whether they are inside or outside the enterprise.

Principle of management development

The objective of management development is to stengthen existing managers. The most effective means of developing managers is to have the task performed primarily by a manager's superior.

Principle of universal development

The enterprise can tolerate only those managers who are interested in their continuous development.


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