Principles of Management Revision/Review Articles - List

Management: Definition and Process

Evolution of Management Thought and Theory - Review Notes

Process of Management

Planning: A Management Process

The Nature and Purpose of Planning - Review Notes

Objectives and Goals - Review Notes

Strategies, Policies, and Planning Premises - Review Notes

Business Firm and Society - The External Environment, Social Responsibility and Ethics - Review Notes

Decision Making

Decision Making - Review Notes

Summary - Principles of Planning

The Nature of Organizing - Review Notes

Departmentation in Organizations - Review Notes

Line-Staff Authority and Decentralization - Review Notes

Effective Organizing and Organizational Culture - Review Notes

Summary - Principles - Organizing

Human Resource Management and Selection

Performance Appraisal and Career Strategy

Manager and Organization Development

Summary - Principles - Staffing

Resourcing; A Function of Management

Human Factors and Motivation

Leadership - Koontz and O'Donnell - Review Notes

Supervision - Introduction - Public Administration Point of View

Committes and Group Decision Making - Review Notes

Communication - Koontz and O'Donnell - Review Notes

Summary of Principles - Directing - Leading

The System and Process of Controlling - Review Notes

Control Techniques and Information Technology

Productivity Control

Overall Control and Preventive Control - Review Notes

Summary - Principles of Controlling

Global and Comparative Management

Organizing - Global Management Issues - Review Notes

Staffing - Global Management Issues

Leading - Global Management Challenges

Controlling - Global Management Challenges - Review Notes

Management and Entrepreneurship: Science, Theory and Practice

Managerial Skills

Principles of Management - List

Peter Drucker - Business Organization - Economic Function - Social Responsibility

Peter Drucker on Scientific Management - Industrial Engineering

Scientific Approach, Engineering Approach, Management Approach


Updated 14.7.2012
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