Productivity, Safety, Comfort, and Operator Health Management

Industrial engineering departments have to make productivity improvement plans for every year.

Safety is an important human resource management responsibility under OSHA act. Industrial engineering need to plan their involvement in safety management and in developing human effort designs which are safe to the highest degree.

Comfort studies are to be done periodically.

Health is also covered under OSHA.
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  1. Hello, I'd like to emphasized on leading with patient benefit. Hospitals have a patient-centric culture, and as such, proposals for change need to focus on the benefits to the patient, according to Mr. Greene. To gain buy-in and engage staff and clinicians, Lean leaders need to base improvement projects on helping patients first. The benefits to the patient can then ultimately translate into greater efficiency and cost savings. thanks all!
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  2. In that industries when we get the project or tender For Maintenance purpose. First the safety dept analysis the value of the work. If incase the maintenance for mep. They hired the product in some contractor for example Scissor lift, Boom Lift, Movable Aluminium Scaffolding


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