Managerial Economics - Review Articles - List

The book 'Managerial Economics' was authored and published by Joel Dean in 1951.

The purposed was stated as to show how economic analysis could be used in formulating business policies. The focus of the book is to give executives access to the practical contributions that economic thinking can make to top-management policies. It is also stated that the book deals only with those phases of enterprise economics that strike the author as particularly useful to he management of large industrial corporations.

The book highlights economic analysis for the concepts of profit, competition, demand, cost, price and applied areas like advertising and capital budgeting.

Review notes for the chapters of the book

1. Profits
2. Competition
3. Multiple Products
4. Demand analysis
5. Cost
6. Advertising
7. Basic Price
8. Product-line Pricing
9 Pricing Differentials
10. Capital Budgeting
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