International and Global Marketing

International marketing is marketing and selling in more than one country. The normal evolution of a company is success in one domestic market that is followed by sales in some other countries. Global marketing refers to those companies, whose present operations are globalized to that extent that their marketing strategy is now decided by global demand and consumer desires instead of any domestic factors determining it. In international marketing organizations, still the parent country dominates its market strategy decision making.

International marketing, in initial stages has certain challenges which are to be overcome with exertion of effort. Why organizations put in that initial effort which is significantly large and lumpy?

The reasons can be:

* The company might find markets with higher margins in foreign countries.
* Economies of scale of manufacture and marketing may demand big market which the domestic market does not provide

* Attack by global companies on its domestic market. The company may wish to attack the global competitors in its strong market to force it to defend its position there.
* Diversifying the demand risk for the product from a single country.
* The company's customers might have already gone international and persuading the company also to service them in international markets.

If a company decides to enter into international marketing, it has to understand the market first from the ground.
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