Total Industrial Engineering - H. Yamashina

Total industrial engineering is a concept identified by Yamashina as a part of his World Class Manufacturing Concept.

Total Industrial Engineering - Definition

by Yamashina

A system of methods where the performance of labor is maximized by reducing Muri (unnatural operation), Mura (irregular operation) and Muda (non-value added operation), and then separating labor from machinery through the use of sensor techniques.

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Elimination of three main enemies of Productivity

Muri - Difficult or unnatural operation - To be eliminated by motion study and motion analysis - Requires observation and study.

Mura - Irregular movement - To be eliminated by standard operation - To be observed for some time to recognize the problem.

Muda - Waste - To be eliminated by identifying and eliminating non value added activities - more easy to identify.


Existence of operational standards that assure quality, the operators follow them, there is a check on their following them and there is continuous improvement of those operational standards by operators.

Tools developed in TIE Philosophy

Muri, Mura, Muda
Multiskilled labor - Skill development
Video camera method
Standard operation
Pace monitor
Separation of labor from machinery
Separation of labor from operation and the one from transportation etc.

Safety Part of Total Industrial Engineering

Yamashina included Safety steps 1 -3 of his 7-step progression in the basic stage of IE.
Safety step 4 - 6 are included in intermediate stage.
Safety step 7 is included in the advanced stage.


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An article on TIE in Japanese. you can try translating with Google translate


Companies Utilizing Total Industrial Engineering Concepts

With the motto of "Quality People, Quality Products", PAC’s Total Industrial Engineering Dept. (TIE) annually holds the Quality Check Technical Skills Competition and In-House Quality Control Circle Competition.

There are also group learning circles, like the Quality Control Circle (also called Kaizen Circle) -- a group activity wherein members are challenged to solve problems according to the basic QC principles, using the QC tools. QCC activities improve the individual capabilities of each circle member resulting to performance improvement in the workplace and consequently, company development. (March 2008)

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