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Cost Accounting Introduction - Updated

Risk Manager's job is to quantify the risk and when the project is approved by management with the quantified risk, the project managers is allowed to fail and the failure is well tolerated by the organized.
Permission to fail - HBR blog post by Aaron Brown 30 May 2012

Innovation Projects need to be supported by Executives who can say Yes without Permission
Vijay Govind Rajan and Mark Sebell in HBR blogs
29 May 202

Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything
Tony Schwartz
HBR Blogs August 2010


Marketing Management - Online Book
updated with more entries

Managing Risky Behavior
HBR Insight Center

Leaders Make or Break Employee Engagement


Lecture Transcripts of Financial Accounting Course

Professor Larry Tomassini

Professor provides transcripts for all his courses and additionally video lectures and audio lectures.

Management Videos

What are strategies?
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Integrity - What  is it?

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Electronic Records Management
UC Berkeley Even April 2012
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Five Employee Management Strategies To Start Using ASAP


Management Theory - Literature Review Papers

Strategic Issue Management Theory
Peter Kunnas
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